Welcome to Cambridge First: an exam lesson

Dear fellow teachers,

In order to keep my students’ interest in proficiency exams, I’ve designed these slides and Google Forms to tell them a bit more about the Cambridge First. In this lesson, I intend to go over the Reading & Use of English test and give them some strategies on each part of the test.

All the material used in this lesson are from the sample paper offered by Cambridge English on cambridgeneglish.org. I transformed all the exercises into Google Forms and you can make a copy of them by clicking on the links below:

Click here to download the slides for this lesson. There’s a slide for each part of the text and an exam strategy tip for your students.

Thank you my fellow teachers from Cultura Inglesa Santana for giving me the inspiration to prepare this lesson!

I hope you like it ❤️

Posted in: ELT

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