The Life Cycle of a Sneaker: a present perfect lesson

Dear fellow teachers,

I’m on the Present Perfect crusade with my teenage students. They’re on the 7th year of Ensino Fundamental (12-13 years old) and after a long journey, I “finished” my fight over Present Perfect with this lesson and I am proud to say I was quite successful.

This lesson was inspired by a TEDEd video in which they discuss the life cycle of sneakers and impact they have on the environment:

When I watched this video I thought ‘well, I’ll talk about consumerism and its impact on the environment through excessive shopping of sneakers!’.

So, dear teacher, I hope you enjoy this lesson for A2 students. This time, I have not only prepared really cool slides, but I’ve also designed an extra worksheet for your students on Google Forms.

Click on the image below to copy the slides to your Google Drive.

Click here to copy the worksheet to your Google Drive and follow me on Instagram for further instructions!

See you soon!

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