Alternative medicine: a task-based lesson

Dear fellow teacher,

Last week, I shared on my Instagram account some stories of my students presenting about alternative medicine. These presentations were part of a lesson in which we talked about alternative ways we have to fight against the covid-19.

Click here to see the slides.

Click here to copy and edit the slides in your Google Drive.

This is the task students will have to work on! On the other slides, you’ll find the steps they should follow.

If you’re not very familiar with task-based learning, I recommend you watch the video below by the What is ELT? team. (Kisses, Rubinho and Andreia ❤️)

I could NOT end this post without thanking my two inspirations for this lesson: my dear friends Marcella Uliana, a brilliant doctor specialised in women’s health and Ayurveda, and Renata Budóia, the most amazing homepathic vet you’ll ever find!

I hope you enjoy this lesson!


See you soon

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3 thoughts on “Alternative medicine: a task-based lesson Leave a comment

  1. Hi Edu,
    I couldn’t access the slides, access denied. Is there any other way?
    Tks a million for sharing.
    Best regards,
    Andréia Macambira


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