Parts of the Body: a lesson for primary learners

Hello Young Learner Teachers (as my sister from another mister, Claire Venables, says)!

I’ve planned this lesson inspired by Claire’s framework for remote teaching. I’ve had the chance to use this framework with my young learners for the past month and I must say it does wonders. You should read more about it.

She has recently published the Playbook for Emergency Remote Teaching in partnership with James Taylor, Rose Bard and Jen Dobson. It’s been very helpful! Click here to download the book for free.

Let me give you a bit of my context: I planned this lesson for an online live lesson. My students are 6-7 years old and they’re on the 2nd year of the Ensino Fundamental.

Click here to see the slides. You can make a copy into your own drive and make any necessary changes to your own lesson.

Would you like to download a worksheet as well? Click here.

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Please, share it with your colleagues! ❤️

See you soon!

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