COVID-19? And now? 30-day WhatsApp challenge for your students

During this difficult time, I cannot stress how important it is to #stayhome at this moment. However, our students need to keep on working on their English and we all need to bring home the bacon, right?

I’ve been reading online on many Facebook groups and many colleagues of mine have reported that their students have been canceling their classes/courses because there’s a huge resistance to distance learning. We know, for a fact, that some students will indeed have difficulties with learning platforms of video-conferencing softwares. Considering that, I’ve come up with the #30daywppchallenge to try and bring value to services of teachers in a stress-free way. Who doesn’t use WhatsApp nowadays?

This challenge aims at keeping your students active and helping them overcoming their resistance to distance learning.

Where can you get these tips? Click here, go to my Instagram account and watch my IGTV videos. I’ll be posting new challenges every day for 30 days.

Here’s a summary of the activities so far:

  • Day 1: Ss post 6 pictures and record and audio talking about the pictures
  • Day 2: You post an idiom/slang and have Ss guess the meaning and create a sentence using the new expression. I recommend this and this book as sources
  • Day 3: Ss post a picture of their meals with a caption
  • Day 4: Collaborative spelling game
  • Day 5: Ss create a picture dictionary from a topic you give them
  • Day 6: Ss create a collaborative blank filling activity
  • Day 7: Interview questions through audio messages
  • Day 8: What are your plans for the next day?
  • Day 9: Did you manage to stick to your plan?
  • Day 10: What movie/ TV series do you recommend? Why?
  • Day 11: House tour
  • Day 12: What songs have you been listening lately?
  • Day 13: Introduce someone from their family
  • Day 14: Mini-presentation
  • Day 15: Emoji run
  • Day 16: Simon says
  • Day 17: What movie/TV series would you be trapped in?
  • Day 18: App recommendation
  • Day 19: A trip down memory lane
  • Day 20: Mini-presentation follow-up questions
  • Day 21: Listening with TEDEd
  • Day 22: Reading with

Wanna see the full videos? Click on the IG account below and check them out!

I’ll be updating this post until the end of the challenge.

I hope this has been helpful.

See you around!

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