Icebreakers, Gremlins, Water, and Group Cohesiveness

Hello, teacher!

The begining of the semester has arrived and for some of us, there are holiday courses or intensive courses. The first day of classes is always something I get really anxious about. Having that in mind, I’m firm believer that group cohesiveness will impact positively or negatively on your students’ learning experience. In short, the more cohesive the group is:

  • the more engaged and motivated learners may be;
  • the less absent learners may be;
  • the stressed learners may get.

This is why icebreakers are extremely important. They will provide students with the opportunity of getting to know each other. For this semester, I’ve come up with an icebreaker using the Gremlins for Upper Intermediate learners (CEFR B2).

Basically, there are nice questions when the gremlin is on the screen, then, when we mix them with water, we all know what happens! The questions with the evil gremlins are a bit more difficult to answer. Check the example below:Untitled design.png

Also, there’s a moment for students to come up with questions they want to ask you! Watch out!

Click here to download the PDF for this activity.

If you use ActiveInspire, click here to download the flipchart.


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See you soon!


PS: I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m back now!


Clément, R., Dörnyei, Z., & Noels, K. (1994). Motivation, self-confidence and group cohesion in the foreign language classroom. Language Learning, 44, 417-448.

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