Halloween lessons using authentic material

Halloween has come to terrorize y’all’s neighborhoods! I don’t know about you, but Halloween has always made me so excited that I have to hold my horses to go off the limits! If I could, I would fill my classroom with fake insects, mummies, witches and all sorta of “spooky-related” stuff. For that, I have come up with six different lessons from A1 to B2 levels using TV series and movies segments. They are mostly based on listening comprehension and organized in lead-in/vocabulary task > gist > detail > follow-up.

The link for the worksheets and the videos will be available at the end of the post.

CEFR A1 | Beginner – Halloween with E.T.


Answer key:

1. Zombie / Pumpkin
Witch / Vampire
Frankenstein / Ghost

2. – ; tick; tick; tick; – .

3. 9; 1; 10; 2; 4; 6; 8; 5; 3; 11; 7.

CEFR A1+ | Elementary – Halloween with FRIENDS


Answer key:

3. F (not happy); F (dinosaur); T; T; F (borrow); T; F (fashion); T; T; F (because the girl said she loved); T.

CEFR A2 | Pre-intermediate – Halloween with MODERN FAMILY


Answer key:

3. F (hates); T; T; F (few); T; F (trunk); F (taken); T; T.

CEFR A2+ | Low intermediate – Halloween with THE ORIGINALS


Answer key:

3. a) C; b) B; c) C; d) A; e) C; f) A.

CEFR B1 | Intermediate – Halloween with THE BIG BANG THEORY


Answer key:

1. a) so-and-so; b) congratulated; c)trick-or-treat; d) make up your mind; e) heart condition.

2. Yes, partially.

3. a) A; b) B; c) C; d) A; e) B; f) C; g) A.

CEFR B2 | Upper-intermediate – Halloween with HARRY POTTER


Answer key:

1. a) tale; b) wand; c) quarrel; d) cunning; e) drown; f) winding; g) cloak; h) twilight; i) untimely.

2. tick; tick; -; -; tick; tick.

3. a) No, Harry isn’t. b) Twilight / midnight. c) By using magic. d) Death did. e) Deceived because they were supposed to die while crossing the river. f) the most powerful wand; the resurrection stone and the invisibility cloak. g) He was murdered after a fight. h) He hanged himself. i) He peacefully died many years later.


Hope you enjoy the lessons and have fun using them!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

See you around!

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    1. Hi! Nice to see both of you in the same place, Ricardo and Eduardo! I really wanted to congratulate you for the great projects you share. The timing is excellent for short lessons. Your material my life-saver (both in regular Elementary lessons and for those who are advanced!) Thank you once again for sharing this great material with us. 🙂

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