Celebrating Mother’s Day with Authentic Material

Do you usually bring any activity to celebrate special dates in class? I have done that a thousand times with ready-made activities from the internet. However, they always come in the same layout: how it is celebrated in the US or UK, the origins of the holiday and so on. My worksheets for Mother’s Day this year will bring authentic material and nothing similar to what I mentioned previously. Check this out!

CEFR A1 – What does your mother do when she…

This is a lesson based on an advertisement from an Indian company called Pears. They selected some girls and asked questions on how their mothers behaved in specific situations.

Check the video and click here to download the worksheet.

CEFR A2 – Ellen’s Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts 

This is a listening lesson based on one of Ellen’s hilarious videos. She suggests last-minute gifts for mother’s day.

Check the video and click here to download the worksheet.

CEFR B1 – A Dad’s Guide to the First Mother’s Day

This is a reading lesson based on a text containing gifts suggestions from 5 different American fathers. The practices around the text are exam-like.

Click here to download the worksheet.

That’s all for today!

Give me your comments and suggestions. I would love to read them all!

See you soon!

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